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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sunday's Comin'

Artists (and others) 
I have just finished installing all sixty panels in the Gas Station.  They all hung just as I'd planned and nothing fell down in the four hours that I was there. Good news!

The lawn at the Adams Square Mini-Park has been re-seeded in the past couple of days.  I have been assured that the grass will be strong enough to walk on by Sunday.  I'm not holding my breath, but suggest that wearing older shoes might be an idea.   The fertilizer is mild and the grass is certainly growing.  The timing seems awkward to me, but we'll have the Reception and the formal opening of the installation from 4PM until 7PM anyway on Sunday, July 1st.

The installation is, as has been said, a patchwork quilt representing the community of Glendale and beyond.  Professional artists, students and teachers, calligraphers, hobbyists and non-artists just finding a voice are all featured.  The idea of Arte Povera, the late  1960s arts movement in Italy is inherent in this installation.  Hopefully, Adams Hill Residents and the Glendale community will stop by to see the art and pass the word.  

The City of Glendale forbids the sale of these works directly from the Gas Station. However, if anyone is interested in finding out more about a specific artist or may desire to support any of the artists by purchasing any of the pieces in the installation, please send an email to directortv41 at Yahoo and you will be connected to the specific person to deal directly with them.

There will be cookies and lemonade on Sunday.. Remember about parking a bit away and walking to the park.    Please find me and say hello.  

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this project.  Remember that the Gas Station belongs to us all.  Finding new projects to keep the space active is the main goal here.   Hopefully, the seed will take root this time.  I am under the impression that the City now has a 'policy' that outlines the requirements for art in this space.  With the recent change of venue for the Arts and Culture Department from Community Services and Parks to the Library Department, please contact Ripsime Marashian at 818-548-2780 for more information. 
Michael Sheehan
Adams Hill

Monday, June 25, 2012


Counting down to the Opening Reception, all of the panels are collected and will be installed on Thursday.  

Thanks to each artist who has taken time to participate in this unique experiment.  I encourage you all to visit the Gas Station and imagine your own installation there.  With the July Fourth Project, the City of Glendale may now have a basic policy in place to deal with new projects.  If you have an idea for Gas Station installations, contact Ripsime Marashian, liaison for the Arts and Culture Commission / Glendale Library Department, for information. The Commission meets at 2PM the third Thursday of each month in the City Council Chambers, City Hall, Glendale.  Pitching to them will not necessarily get a deal, but will put them in the loop, as they should be.

The Opening Reception is set for Sunday, July 1st from 4 until 7PM at the Gas Station, 1020 E. Palmer, 91205.  

Very light refreshments will be served.  If you'd like to bring something to share, please do.  
(No alcohol or tobacco in Glendale City Parks) 

Sunday's forecast says it'll be a beauty of a day.  If all goes according to plan, there will be a 'reveal' of the panels shortly after 4PM.  
 Many thanks to Glendale Arts for posting information regarding the Opening on Facebook!  Tell your friends.  

Looking forward to meeting artists and friends on Sunday.  
All are welcome.

Michael Sheehan
Adams Hill

Thursday, June 21, 2012


A receptive Arts and Culture Commission today extolled the virtues.. well appreciated, anyway.. the wonderfulness of this Installation.  One more panel is outstanding.. health issues in Arizona put one panel back in the hands of a terrific local art teacher, Emily Goff.  Hope to have it in hand tomorrow, Friday. Many thanks to each artist and folks like Glendale Arts who have included the installation on their website.

I am more and more excited about this project.  The A and C Commission seems to understand that use of the Gas Station for additional projects is a good idea.  With the Arts and Culture Department now under the aegis of Cindy Cleary and the Library,  I hope that creative uses of not only the Gas Station but other City venues will be considered. 

No RSVP for the Opening Reception is necessary. Sunday, July 1, 2012 from 4 until 7PM. Please remember about parking a distance from the Mini-Park and hiking in.  Let me know if you have questions.

Thanks again to all contributing artists and supporters of this installation.  Your work is truly exceptional.   Artists range in age from five to eighty-eight!  Participants will be credited in the windows where their artwork is hung.

More thanks, especially, to Ripsime Marashian and Teri Deaver for their support.  Also, to the staff at the Adams Square Library Connection and to Council Person Laura Friedman and City Manager Scott Ochoa for their participation.

michael sheehan
adams hill

Sunday, June 17, 2012



The final few panels should be in by Monday.  Almost all of the sixty pieces from local artists and several distant artists are in. That is pretty amazing.  That each of you has made this effort on behalf of ART is wonderful. Thank you.   Each piece is an individual.  

My goal now is to organize all of the sixty panels and have them ready for installation on Thursday, June 28, 2012.  Personal issues have a couple of the panels a bit behind, but this is not insurmountable.  Our City Liaison, Ripsime Marashian, has been very cooperative and kind.  I'll address the Arts and Culture Commission on Thursday, June 21st at 2PM.  If anyone wants to attend that meeting to show support, that would be great.  The Commission meets in City Council Chambers in the Glendale City Hall on Broadway.

The July 1st  Opening Reception will be simple: Lemonade, iced tea and cookies.    At least one artist is bringing water, but this is not intended to be a pot luck. No alcohol is permitted on City Property, so if you bring something, keep that in mind, please.  No loud music (though one ukulele will be on hand). This is just an opportunity to chat with old friends, make some new ones and see how sixty individuals from the age of five to eighty-eight tackled this one word assignment.

Suggestions are always welcome as long as they don't start with "What you should do is...."  However, if they start with "What I might do is..."  that's an idea!  All ideas are welcome.

Please mark Sunday, July 1st from 4 'til 7PM, on your calendar.  
See you then at the Gas Station:  1020 E. Palmer 91205
BTW.. there are no public rest rooms in the park: just sayin'.. 
And, parking may be problematic.  Side streets may be available a short walk from the Adams Square Mini-Park.  Check out the area on line to scope out the parking possibilities. 
Michael Sheehan / Instigator

Tuesday, June 12, 2012



If you have not turned your panel in yet, the final deadline is Saturday, June 16, 2012.  I'm still hoping that you will all respond and have your art work to me before that date, but... I shall be in the Adams Square Mini-Park from 1 until 2PM that day, to give artists an opportunity to say hello and drop off your work. Anyone who wants to hang out for an hour is invited, too.

OTHERWISE ...  The Library Connection's hours for Saturday are posted below.  If you can't deliver the work between 1 and 2PM, please leave it with the librarians there.  They close at 5PM.

This project is shaping up nicely.  More information here after I've received all of the panels.  Thanks to each of you for participating in this unique experiment.  


Saturday, June 2, 2012


Dear Artists and Friends,

This is a revised post.  June 6, 2012. Keep checking here for updates. 

If all of the contributions have not come in by Friday, June 15th. I'll be at the Gas Station (1020 E. Palmer 91205) Saturday, June 16, 2012,  to collect the last of the panels. The time frame will be announced here, if necessary.  I'll then have twelve days to assemble all of the panels and shall do the installation on June 28th. 

We have decided on Sunday, July 1, 2012 for a very casual Opening Reception in the Adams Square Mini-Park from 4PM until 7PM.  There will be lemonade and some cookies.  When I asked if a Pot Luck was a good idea, I got negative feedback and so... it'll be just a simple soiree in the cooling of the afternoon to enjoy sixty pieces of art and be reminded of the wisdom of the American Patriots who inspired this idea.  

Thanks to the City of Glendale for cooperating in this effort.  The City's legal liaison, Tereza Aleksanian, has been very patient with me.  If any of you have ideas for future installations, please let Ripsime Marashian of the Arts and Culture Department know. She's been super!

Happy Fourth of July Project. Thank you to every single one of you for your efforts.  I'm really pleased with the panels that have come in so far.  
Michael Sheehan