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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Gas Station   Adams Square Mini-Park 2008
Post Partum...  Life goes on.

Thanks  to Jess Duran, Director of Community Services and Parks, along with Tereza Aleksanian, coordinator for the July Fourth Project.  
Jess Duran, Director of Community Services and Parks

Thanks, too, to the City of Glendale for finding ways to collaborate to get art into the Gas Station.  Sean Toro's simple lighting added greatly toward the end of the project.  It is now our hope that the baton or what ever analogy one may adhere to this idea, will be taken in hand for a quick turn around with more work being installed to keep this unique space active. 

It was heartening to hear Tereza mention that it is the hope of the City and her department, in concert with the Arts and Culture Department, headed by Cindy Cleary, Glendale Head Librarian, to actively put out a call for artists to fill the Gas Station with interesting works of art.

Of course, it falls to individuals: artists and others, to stay in the loop or create the loop and present ideas for the Powers That Be to consider.  Worries over insurance and liability in our litigious times seem to be a priority, however, I encourage artists and City Folks to just go ahead and Do It.  That's basically what the July Fourth Project has done.  Doing trumps waiting.  At least in my book. 

Please contact The City of Glendale via Community Services and Parks' Tereza Aleksanian <> for guidelines and information.  We should not have to re-invent the process to move forward apace with new ideas.  

I'll be available to consult and expect to have a meeting with Tereza and City Officials soon to discuss the process that has unfolded over the past eight months. Glendale City Schools' arts teachers and students are ideal candidates for new projects.  All artists: professional and hobbyists are ripe for the harvest. We found a way to do the July Fourth Project very inexpensively.  That the City covered insurance and provided employees on the clock is to their credit. It is, of course, what a City does for its citizens. More applause to them for that.  

Artists who have not picked up their panels may do so by making an appointment. Direct emails to the email address you have for me or to: directortv41 at yahoo.  After September 2, 2012, they may be toast.

Michael Sheehan
Adams Hill

Saturday, August 25, 2012


As I prepare to meet local artists at the Gas Station to return their works of art, I am reminded of the beginnings of art in this odd little space four years ago.  It took the City a few months to clear the pathway to the "gasstationinstallation," but thanks to some good friends with fingers of steel: Jeannie Gayle Pool, Robert Roll and Tim Spain, we inflated thousands of balloons which filled the space for only a few days.  Richard Espinoza was the Arts and Culture coordinator at that time.  The man with the key!

The July Fourth Project involved many more artists and though we didn't make the front page of the News Press this time, we've had a terrific turnout and response.  We really hope that the City of Glendale will take notice and find ways to make it easier for artists to make use of The Gas Station for more installations that will brighten the Adams Square Mini-Park, encourage neighbors to visit more often and enjoy not only the kiddie playground, but, perhaps, create music, theatre and other arts activities here in Adams Hill. 

Your suggestions are welcome.  Cindy Cleary, Glendale Head Librarian and Jess Duran, Director of Community Services and Parks are the folks to lobby.  Let them know you appreciate their involvement and cooperation.  


Michael Sheehan
Adams Hill / Art Instigator

Monday, August 13, 2012

July 4th Closing AUGUST 26, 2012

Dear Artists and All, 

My old bus is going in to the body shop tomorrow. Send good VW vibes for a speedy recovery, okay? 

 Now to business:
The July Fourth Project will close on Sunday, August 26th.  The Gas Station will be open from 4PM until 7PM only on that date for you to collect your contribution to the installation. 

I am hoping to come up with a way for you to make your work available for sale.  Of course, this project was more about the 'getting it done' than an opportunity to sell anything.. Quick and easy was the thrust of the idea.  The City says, 'no selling out of the Gas Station' however, once you take possession of your work, it's yours to do with as you like.

The Gas Station has been getting some nice attention and the City even purchased additional lights that make it look super after dark.  I volunteered to buy and install the additional lighting, but thanks to Community Services Director, Jess Duran, the City picked up the tab and Project Manager Sean Toro did the installation. Check the blog for some terrific photos.

Please mark your calendar for August 26th and come to meet other artists and pick up your work.
RSVP with a time you expect to come.  

If you are not available on that Sunday, please let me know ahead of time and we'll arrange for you to pick your piece up later.  After September 2nd, I'll consider the pieces left abandoned.

Distant artists.  If you would like me to return your piece, please let me know so that I can package it up and get it back to you. If you'd include your snail mail address, that will be helpful.

Many thanks for making this project a success.  I encourage all artists local to Glendale to come up with ideas for the Gas Station and submit them to the City.  Site specific installations, I think, will work best in this small space.  And..keep in mind that it gets HOT in there. 

Best wishes,
michael sheehan 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nighttime Photos

Gas Station Front Night 8/8/2012
 Some kids were hanging out at the Gas Station tonight and were curious about my taking photos. One of them became very interested in the work and began to talk about ideas for new installations. 

Gas Station Corner Adams and Palmer 8/8/2012

Gas Station Palmer Side Night 8/8/2012

Gas Station Back  Side Night 8/8/2012
 This is exactly what I hope the installation will do. If the work engages teen agers and makes them interested in creating artwork, we are ahead of the game.

The trees have grown up in the past four years, slightly obscuring the side of the Gas Station as seen from the Palmer Avenue side. 

Government, Of The and People are hidden.
Make, The Most and Of It are on the bottom row. 

The Back of the Gas Station takes a beating from the morning sun. Five year old Soren Axene's "Of" with jiggly eyes and squiggles is holding up well.  

I love the new lights!
Gas Station Canopy Side Night 8/8/2012

Gas Station from Adams Night 8/8/2012
The kids in the park were friendly, engaging and curious. It'll be fun if folks this age take up the banner of installing art here. 

I like the look of the Gas Station from Adams.  On these warm nights, it's fun to see neighbors enjoying the park and the art.

1020 E. Palmer at Adams in Glendale  91205

Installation Closing 8/26/12

The closing reception for The July Fourth Project will take place Sunday afternoon, August 26, 2012 from 4PM until 7PM.  At this time artists and friends may come to retrieve their artwork and visit the Gas Station for a little post partum.  

All artwork must be removed from the space by 7PM.  Artists may arrange to pick their work up at another time by connecting with me individually. Distant artists will have their work returned to them shortly after the closing.  Artwork not spoken for by September 3, 2012 will be considered abandoned.

The City of Glendale forbids the sale of artwork directly from the Gas Station, but interested buyers may contact individual artists by directing their interest to directortv41   at yahoo.  After the closing, the art returns to the folks who made it.  They, of course, may do with it as they please.  

One piece, by Jayme Odgers (TIMES) has been accepted for the Brand 41 Works on Paper show in October.  It will be available there. 

Please keep checking this blog for updates. Your comments are welcome.  Finding ways to keep the Gas Station "Gallery" active is and has been the goal.  Any ideas? 

michael sheehan

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Let there be LIGHT

Back Side "United State Congress"
 These photos are fuzzy because I wanted the full effect of the lighting and didn't have a tripod with me.  Sean Toro's efforts are paying off.  The interior of the building is now lit by four banks of T8 fluorescent lights.  This adds not only illumination to the two sides that had no light at all, but also gives some depth to the panels.  It's a very industrial look, that coincides nicely with the Arte Povera homage that inspired the installation.  I'll post better photos later, but wanted Sean and other interested folks to get a look.
Canopy side and Back Side

Front Door When in the Course/Side These are the Times

Palmer Side Government Of The People / Front When in the Course

How much is enough?

We'll see tonight if the addition of four new double fluorescent light fixtures illuminating the sixty works of art inside the Gas Station.  Thanks to Sean Toro, Project Manager for the City of Glendale's Community Services and Parks Department and to Jess Duran, its director, the City paid for fixtures, bulbs and extension cords to get the Gas Station a little more brightly illuminated.  

The cooperation of Mr. Duran's department has been supportive and kind.  Sometimes it just takes time to make magic happen.  I truly believe that if the City of Glendale cares about Art here, that they'll actively recruit and fund subsequent installations in the Gas Station in the future. 

I encourage artists and supporters of art here and where ever you may be to stay in touch and develop your own site specific ideas for this unique space.  

Please mark Sunday, August 26, 2012 as the closing date for this installation.  Specific times will be announced here and directly to participants.  All art will be removed by the end of that day.  

Finally, Ripsime Marashian, formerly our Arts and Culture liaison for the Gas Station, was steadfast and supportive all during her tenure.  She was the Keeper of the Key, as City rules forbid a non-employee (me) from having direct access to the space. As she pursues new opportunities, we wish her Bon Voyage and many thanks.

Michael Sheehan
Adams Hill

Monday, August 6, 2012

More Light.. more light

I've just gotten off the phone with Sean Toro who is with the Community Services and Parks Department here in Glendale.  I'll meet with him tomorrow, Tuesday, to supervise the temporary installation of lighting that will illuminate the neglected park side (back) and front side (well, front) of the Gas Station.  

Many thanks to the City of Glendale for recognizing this need and coming to the rescue. The exhibit will close on August 26, 2012 with an informal no host gathering.  Artists will be invited to pick up their work and meet and schmooze with other artists that afternoon. 

I encourage all of the participating artists and others to come up with ideas to further the use of this space for installation artwork.  Lobbying the City will be interesting now that there are staffing changes governing the Gas Station.  Please discuss ideas with other artists and don't hesitate to leave comments here for future installations. 

Michael Sheehan / Art Instigator  

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

YOU / Jeannie Gayle Pool

Jeannie Gayle Pool has a resume that would be the envy of anyone.  She is a composer of concert music, author of books, biographer, musicologist and a water color artist who likes to paint in the desert sometimes. She has a whole bunch of other credits, too.  Her love of the desert shows in her landscape with Coyote and YOU

Jeannie's YOU is the final panel, Number Sixty in an installation of sixty artists.   Her assistance and advice for this exhibit have been invaluable.  How lucky we all are. 
Michael Sheehan

IV / Deborah Ashe`

Deborah Ashe is a musician and an artist among other talents.  Her mysterious panel in the installation has IV on it that was added in green masking tape after it was hung.  Use your imagination. It's there.  "Ask not what your country can do FOR you. "

DO / Jeanne Louise Gallo

Jeanne Gallo is an artist and a dancer and a traveling woman.  She supports the arts. She paints amazing water colors.  Creates collage and assemblage within travel diaries or mail art while keeping her San Francisco home a living breathing work of art.  I'm a fan.  Her "DO" is perfect for this woman who is always doing something!

CAN / Kelvin J. Erazo

When the email blast went out to announce the Project, it was open to all comers.  I was very happy to hear from Kelvin Erazo, a high school student in... I think... Hollywood.  He is enthusiastic and full of energy. He took what seemed to be a very simple assignment and blew it out of the water.  His rendition of  CAN gets it done.  

The July Fourth Project closes Sunday, August 26th.  Artists will be notified as to the time to come and meet other artists and boosters and pick up their work. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

COUNTRY / Shree Hingnikar

Glendale Art Association painter / mover and shaker, Shree Hingnikar, is the lone architect in the Project.  His enjoyment of  pleine air landscape painting and figures / portraits all come   together in his depiction of COUNTRY.  

Shree's use of the cardboard panel adding to the texture and challenge of making the piece are representative of his well known fine work on more traditional materials.  He and the GAA have been welcoming and supportive of the Project, for which we are grateful. 

YOUR / Matthew R. Ohm

The connection to the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery yielded several fine artists for the Project. Matthew Ohm was on hand when I stopped by to connect with others there who had requested the opportunity to contribute a panel.  His YOUR is simple and to the point.  The use of cardboard and simple materials was to reflect the notion that interesting art can be created just about anywhere with any type of material. 

WHAT / Friedman and Lemoine

Glendale City Council Person Laura Friedman and Guillaume Lemoine collaborated to create their WHAT for the July Fourth Project. Ms Friedman has long been an arts advocate for the City of Glendale vocally and now personally.  The only elected member of the Glendale City Council who has responded to the call for artists, Ms Friedman's support and active participation should be noted and constituents should remember her advocacy when electing City officials in the future.  Thanks to Mr. Lemoine, too! Note the background images in this computer generated piece. WHAT? indeed, we need to ask when it comes to support for the Arts not only in Glendale, but in our country, as well.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

NOT / Regina Wolford

Regina Wolford lives way out in the Valley. She (and her husband)  came all the way to Glendale to pick up her panel and then back to the Gas Station, to deliver it.  I almost changed the quote, but it would have left her lovely NOT out in the Cold.  (JFK's admonition "Ask Not What your Country can do for you" almost became "Ask what you can do for your country. "  Of course, the idea is to spark everyone's memories of all these familiar phrases, so that in viewing the Kennedy quote from his 1963 inaugural speech my hope is that not only the second part of that quote autoloads into the memory, but in other quotes extensions or the words that came before or after the quote may come to mind. 

ASK / Alta Dunst

Photographer Alta Dunst taught high school English, raised kids and is now a fine arts photographer in Colorado Springs. She's now involved with writing her first book. 

 Her photos are imaginative and document her adventures.  Her ASK is made up of images she caught in Colorado on camera, fashioned into the design she shares here.  We learned that even expensive double stick tape has its limitations, but her artwork survives the heat of the Gas Station Gallery very well! #52 of Sixty panels. 

EVENTS / Paul Chamberlain

Paul Chamberlain is a stalwart member of the Glendale Art Association, painter and all around good guy.  His landscapes are legendary.  His rendition of EVENTS, as with many of the contributors to the July Fourth Project, takes full advantage of the natural qualities of the cardboard.  
Four weeks to go. Come see the art at 1020 E. Palmer, Glendale, CA 91205

Saturday, July 28, 2012

OF HUMAN / Iris Rose

One of the first artists to sign on for the July Fourth Project was my long time friend, Iris Rose.  Iris is an artist, writer, theatre producer/director and actor.  She makes video and does performance art.  She makes music, too. 

She asked specifically for Human and got two words:  OF HUMAN.  Her wonderful felt on felt embroidery subtly discussing the journey of life and death is a stand out.  Sent all the way from New York City, she included specific instructions for mounting on the cardboard matrix and included special wire ties to secure it.  She wants to make sure that everyone who sees the panel knows that it was made by a Human. 

COURSE / Vee Oganesyan / Daily High

COURSE:  a pathway, a bearing, a way to go.  The Way

Vee Oganesyan's depiction of this word is straight forward, following to the letter the project guidelines to use the whole panel for the art. Nice implementation of negative space.

The Founding Fatherf fet a direct courfe to Freedom with the Declaration of Independence.  Imagine, compofing with a quill pen and no fpell check!

THE / Meg Madison

Meg Madison, a terrific photographer whom I met at the LA Municipal Art Gallery, made a point of making her "THE" using individual pixels taken from the LA River, the subject of her background photo.  When the piece began to show some issues with the heat inside the Gas Station, Meg pointed out that it's just part of the ART.  Check the installation before gravity and time creep in their petty pace.

Friday, July 27, 2012

IN / Dina Elias / Daily High

Thanks to Emily Goff at Daily High not only did art get made, but a lesson in the history of the United States got examined.  Dina Elias's IN nestles in with the opening statement of the Declaration of Independence.  One of the objectives of this art installation was to awaken us to some of the stuff that most of us take for granted. This Declaration was a big deal and when one takes the time to read the whole thing we can see that Jefferson and the Founding Fathers really and truly meant business.  

WHEN / Roger Dolin (Daily High)

We begin the final side of the July Fourth Project with muralist Roger Dolin's creation, acrylic on cardboard. This is the first word in the document that got the pot boiling: WHEN

Principal author, Thomas Jefferson, was elegant in his composition of the Declaration of Independence. For those who (like me) had never read the whole thing, it announces in no uncertain terms, that our United States could no longer tolerate the tyranny heaped upon it by King George III.  It's powerful.  Roger is an experienced artist whose mural work "Trees of Life" with Emily Goff and Daily High students may be seen in Glendale's Maple Park.

OF IT / Mark Lucero

Several of the pieces for the July Fourth Project were done by artists from the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery in Hollywood.  The beauty of this municipal gallery in Barnsdall Art Park is their egalitarian approach to boosting emerging as well as more established artists. 

Mark Lucero has had his work there and has also painted thousands of square feet of the walls at the gallery.  His OF IT collage completes Patrick Henry's statement bringing a little humor along with it.  The sunglasses extend behind the piece, making a photograph a bit of a challenge.

The Brand Galleries in Glendale function in much the same way that LAMAG presents shows, however, they will be closed until about 2014 for renovation.  Perhaps the City of Glendale may consider the Gas Station Gallery as a substitute for the Brand in the mean time?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

THE MOST / Jeff Berman

Artist Jeff Berman uses balsa wood and brass brads to make THE MOST for Henry's speech.  Jeff also generously donated not only his art, but lugged gallons of water to the Opening Reception at the Gas Station.   Counting down the final thirty days of the Installation.  Tell a friend. Bring a lunch. Support local art!

MAKE / Rebecca and Randy Mate

The Mates, Rebecca and Randy, create MAKE with acrylics in traditional red, white and blue from Patrick Henry's firey speech.  Well involved with the Glendale Art Association, Becky has created and been acknowledged by the City of Glendale for her advocacy of Art in the City and around the world with her founding of ART DAY.  Bring a picnic.  Enjoy the park. Come see the artwork.  1020 E. Palmer 91205

TREASON / Ben Arnold

Artist / Photographer Ben Arnold combines gesso and photography for his spare rendition of TREASON. Heat inside the Gas Station made the use of binder clips necessary to make sure the piece stays together. This piece and fifty nine others await your perusal for one more month at the Gas Station in Adams Square Mini-Park.  1020 East Palmer, Glendale 91205
"Cook's" Tours arranged by appointment. Contact Michael Sheehan at directortv41 at yahoo.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

THIS BE / Emily Goff

Thanks to Daily High Art Instructor Emily Goff on a couple of fronts.  Early in this project she was the only Glendale Schools teacher to respond to the call for artists. She took four panels, planning to do one herself.  Her students were so enthusiastic that she gave up her word to one of her students. (Daily High contributed the first four words of the Declaration of Independence).  Then, THIS BE became available and she stepped right in and in the spirit of the project, took the assignment and ran with it.  Acrylic on the cardboard panel.  Simple and elegant. Nice. One month to go to see the Installation.  1020 E. Palmer 91205

IF / Pat Quinn and Tim Spain

A wonderful thing about living in Adams Hill is that the old neighborhood is eclectic and filled with brilliant artists. Pat Quinn and Tim Spain, long time friends and neighbors... musicians, artists and animal lovers, too, worked together with Pat's photographs and Tim's design (I think.. he carved the panel) for the first word in a saying attributed to Patrick Henry:  IF.  Their perfect use of the provided cardboard panel follows the Guidelines to a 'T' with this Fortieth artwork in the show. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ALL / Deirdre Anderson

Deirdre Anderson sneaked in through the back door and we are glad she did.  A calligrapher and fine artist, her ALL is simple and elegant.  She describes the work as follows: "the background is paste paper layerd with acrylic paints & stroked with combs.  The ALL was drawn/painted onto the paste paper with gouache."

Support like Deirdre's has made this installation the eclectic success it seems to be becoming.  1020 E. Palmer in Glendale, 91205.  Gallery is not tended.   Daylight viewing is great. After dark it takes on a completely different aspect. Closes about August 26, 2012.

FOR / Katie Hipke

Katie Hipke is currently studying art in college and it shows.  Coming from an arts oriented family helps.  Her mom, Laura, created THAT for the installation.  Her use of precise drawings of hands creating FOR is an inventive and well done collage on the cardboard panel.  Katie's drawings are superior to photographs of finger spelling that I've I've seen recently. 

JUSTICE / Michele Pashayi

The support of elected officials and staff at City Hall in Glendale contributes this impressive panel / JUSTICE /  by Michele Pashayi to The July Fourth Project. 

Ms Pashayi  facilitated the distribution and collection of panels from City Manager  Scott Ochoa and Councilperson Laura Friedman as well as contributing this piece herself.  Michele's piece is deceptive in its simplicity.  The neat thing about it is that her use of metallic spray paint on a white background makes the word shift and change as light changes depending on the time of day or night one visits the Gas Station Gallery.  Just over one month remains to visit the Gallery and enjoy the artwork. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

& / Kate Fredricks

Kate Fredricks' unique take on "AND" uses the ampersand &. It mirrors her love of the ukulele.  In 1889 Queen Liliuokalani was the last reigning monarch of the Hawaiian islands.  She was summarily deposed by the government of the United States.  Kate used scans of Aloha shirts and a lei for the ampersand in tribute to Hawaii's last reigning monarch.  Ironically,  Kate's & falls between Liberty and Justice, neither of which did the Hawaiian natives enjoy by the deposition of their Queen. 

LIBERTY / Scott and Sophia Ochoa

Glendale's  City Manager, Scott Ochoa collaborated with his wife, Sophia, to create their collage reflecting the spirit of LIBERTY.  

To have City Management take time to be involved in a Community Project may be an indication that the folks who run things actually care about the citizenry. What a concept! 

Number 35 of sixty panels.  The work will be returned to the artists about August 26th, so come on down. 1020 E. Palmer 91205 at Adams and Palmer in Glendale.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

WITH / Teri Deaver

Artist Teri Deaver is  a practicing advocate for artists and the Arts.  Her WITH examines this conjunction's relationship with other ideas and things. As chair of the Glendale Arts Commission, Teri remains a valuable  interpreter of how the City works vis a vis the Arts.  

PEOPLE / Rob Reger

Rob Reger is an artist with many interests.  His "Emily the Strange" has morphed into dozens of books, products (including a special edition Gibson guitar) and is burgeoning around the world.  His paintings and recent collages (as seen in his contribution PEOPLE) are (or were) available at the Minna 111 Gallery in San Francisco.

An artist, musician, entrepreneur, Rob's versatility simply expands exponentially.  Watch for coming attractions via Facebook.  And, I was Best Man at his parents' (Nan and David Reger's) wedding.  We go way back! 

OF THE / Dick Heimbold

Dick Heimbold is a master painter and president of the Glendale Art Association.  His oils and acrylics are well known with a special one hanging in our Sacramento State Capitol.  Dick's beautiful script "OF THE" connects Government and People from Lincoln's famous speech.  Interesting to see how even the least of these words creates the invaluable whole.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

GOVERNMENT / Nan Wollman

Artist / teacher / quick as a bunny Nan Wollman whom I connected with at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery took up the word GOVERNMENT after a formerly committed participant bailed out.  Her interpretation of the word cut out of the funny papers tells the whole story.  Nan's apt collage is word #31 of sixty words for the July Fourth Project and part of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. 

LIBERTY / Glad Jimenez

All the way from San Diego, Glad Jimenez submits the last word (in our installation) from Patrick Henry's fiery speech:  LIBERTY. Paint on patriotic wall paper fits right in.

ME / Ruth Golden

Burgeoning painter, Ruth Golden comes to the Project via Clara Berta and submits her personal pronoun "ME" via Patrick Henry.  The passionate writings of the early patriots who formed the United States were assigned without context to most of the contributing artists.  Ms Golden's painting directly on the cardboard matrix reflects a sentiment that I think most modern people share. The "Nuclear Disarmament / ND" symbol ie. the Peace Sign may be at once antithetical to Henry's speech and representative of it. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

GIVE / Araks Johannes

Fine Artist Araks Johannes is an organizer,  a video maker/ photographer and mistress of many media. Her work with the Glendale Art Association is legend.  This simple interpretation of the word "GIVE" followed the guidelines to the letter.  Simple and straight forward, this word begins one of Patrick Henry's most famous lines:  "GIVE me Liberty."