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Saturday, August 25, 2012


As I prepare to meet local artists at the Gas Station to return their works of art, I am reminded of the beginnings of art in this odd little space four years ago.  It took the City a few months to clear the pathway to the "gasstationinstallation," but thanks to some good friends with fingers of steel: Jeannie Gayle Pool, Robert Roll and Tim Spain, we inflated thousands of balloons which filled the space for only a few days.  Richard Espinoza was the Arts and Culture coordinator at that time.  The man with the key!

The July Fourth Project involved many more artists and though we didn't make the front page of the News Press this time, we've had a terrific turnout and response.  We really hope that the City of Glendale will take notice and find ways to make it easier for artists to make use of The Gas Station for more installations that will brighten the Adams Square Mini-Park, encourage neighbors to visit more often and enjoy not only the kiddie playground, but, perhaps, create music, theatre and other arts activities here in Adams Hill. 

Your suggestions are welcome.  Cindy Cleary, Glendale Head Librarian and Jess Duran, Director of Community Services and Parks are the folks to lobby.  Let them know you appreciate their involvement and cooperation.  


Michael Sheehan
Adams Hill / Art Instigator

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