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Monday, August 13, 2012

July 4th Closing AUGUST 26, 2012

Dear Artists and All, 

My old bus is going in to the body shop tomorrow. Send good VW vibes for a speedy recovery, okay? 

 Now to business:
The July Fourth Project will close on Sunday, August 26th.  The Gas Station will be open from 4PM until 7PM only on that date for you to collect your contribution to the installation. 

I am hoping to come up with a way for you to make your work available for sale.  Of course, this project was more about the 'getting it done' than an opportunity to sell anything.. Quick and easy was the thrust of the idea.  The City says, 'no selling out of the Gas Station' however, once you take possession of your work, it's yours to do with as you like.

The Gas Station has been getting some nice attention and the City even purchased additional lights that make it look super after dark.  I volunteered to buy and install the additional lighting, but thanks to Community Services Director, Jess Duran, the City picked up the tab and Project Manager Sean Toro did the installation. Check the blog for some terrific photos.

Please mark your calendar for August 26th and come to meet other artists and pick up your work.
RSVP with a time you expect to come.  

If you are not available on that Sunday, please let me know ahead of time and we'll arrange for you to pick your piece up later.  After September 2nd, I'll consider the pieces left abandoned.

Distant artists.  If you would like me to return your piece, please let me know so that I can package it up and get it back to you. If you'd include your snail mail address, that will be helpful.

Many thanks for making this project a success.  I encourage all artists local to Glendale to come up with ideas for the Gas Station and submit them to the City.  Site specific installations, I think, will work best in this small space.  And..keep in mind that it gets HOT in there. 

Best wishes,
michael sheehan 

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