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Monday, August 6, 2012

More Light.. more light

I've just gotten off the phone with Sean Toro who is with the Community Services and Parks Department here in Glendale.  I'll meet with him tomorrow, Tuesday, to supervise the temporary installation of lighting that will illuminate the neglected park side (back) and front side (well, front) of the Gas Station.  

Many thanks to the City of Glendale for recognizing this need and coming to the rescue. The exhibit will close on August 26, 2012 with an informal no host gathering.  Artists will be invited to pick up their work and meet and schmooze with other artists that afternoon. 

I encourage all of the participating artists and others to come up with ideas to further the use of this space for installation artwork.  Lobbying the City will be interesting now that there are staffing changes governing the Gas Station.  Please discuss ideas with other artists and don't hesitate to leave comments here for future installations. 

Michael Sheehan / Art Instigator  

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