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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Gas Station   Adams Square Mini-Park 2008
Post Partum...  Life goes on.

Thanks  to Jess Duran, Director of Community Services and Parks, along with Tereza Aleksanian, coordinator for the July Fourth Project.  
Jess Duran, Director of Community Services and Parks

Thanks, too, to the City of Glendale for finding ways to collaborate to get art into the Gas Station.  Sean Toro's simple lighting added greatly toward the end of the project.  It is now our hope that the baton or what ever analogy one may adhere to this idea, will be taken in hand for a quick turn around with more work being installed to keep this unique space active. 

It was heartening to hear Tereza mention that it is the hope of the City and her department, in concert with the Arts and Culture Department, headed by Cindy Cleary, Glendale Head Librarian, to actively put out a call for artists to fill the Gas Station with interesting works of art.

Of course, it falls to individuals: artists and others, to stay in the loop or create the loop and present ideas for the Powers That Be to consider.  Worries over insurance and liability in our litigious times seem to be a priority, however, I encourage artists and City Folks to just go ahead and Do It.  That's basically what the July Fourth Project has done.  Doing trumps waiting.  At least in my book. 

Please contact The City of Glendale via Community Services and Parks' Tereza Aleksanian <> for guidelines and information.  We should not have to re-invent the process to move forward apace with new ideas.  

I'll be available to consult and expect to have a meeting with Tereza and City Officials soon to discuss the process that has unfolded over the past eight months. Glendale City Schools' arts teachers and students are ideal candidates for new projects.  All artists: professional and hobbyists are ripe for the harvest. We found a way to do the July Fourth Project very inexpensively.  That the City covered insurance and provided employees on the clock is to their credit. It is, of course, what a City does for its citizens. More applause to them for that.  

Artists who have not picked up their panels may do so by making an appointment. Direct emails to the email address you have for me or to: directortv41 at yahoo.  After September 2, 2012, they may be toast.

Michael Sheehan
Adams Hill

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